Natural Healer & Psychic

Stephanie Athena-Marie 

I am delighted you found your way to this sacred space.  Here is a little info about me-

As a natural healer, I am a healer of my own life. 
I serve as an embodiment of remembering what it is to return to wholeness.  I am an intuitive person who listens, feels and experiences through individual and collective consciousness

Services include psychic readings (in person and from a distance), divination, guidance/counseling and mentorship 

Some of the topics I can guide you through include (but are not limited to):
cultivating compassion 
blazing your own trail 
returning to the self  
massage therapy mentorship 
when enough is enough
psychic/intuitive skills
...and more!

My services will bring you clarity, awareness and healing to empower you throughout your journey, wherever that path may call you.  I am here to provide you with a fresh set of eyes and a powerful sense of awareness and acceptance.  I am designed to see you in ways you can not see yourself and that is the gift I offer you

The individuals who will benefit the most from working with me are those who desire personal growth, value self awareness, feel called in service to the collective, and those who are willing to take responsibility and action for their own lives

Donations are welcome and appreciated greatly. Your donations will allow another person to receive my services, who could not have afforded to do so.  You can donate any amount, as well as donating a specific service amount, which will then be offered to someone in need.