A War On Consciousness


A week or more ago, I briefly mentioned the phrase “war on consciousness”. At the time I didn’t want to go any deeper into explaining it. This is the second time I have typed all of this out (the first time I tried to share on IG, it would not post).

I am going to do my best to explain what this phrase means, and I will try to keep it “on the surface” and easy to understand. While reading this, it is important to remember that this topic (the topic of consciousness) is HUGE and I could not explain it completely and thoroughly even if I wanted to. It takes ALL of our perspectives to truly see the full tapestry of Consciousness. If you are reading this and have something to add, please do leave a comment and expand on this topic for the benefit of us all.

Several days ago I was in a spirit journey with the plant spirit of Solandra. In the journey Solandra was showing me two timelines (one Aztec or possibly Mayan and one Egyptian) that existed at the same time. Both of these timelines were experiencing a war on consciousness- where two “sides” of the same coin were battling each other.

Each side was composed of people who both had the “seed of life” within them… the spark of divinity… pure consciousness. However, as time went on these two sides of the same coin became distinctly different in their intentions, actions and beliefs. One group wanted to nurture and nourish the seed of life within and without… inside of themselves and the consciousness in all things. They wanted to see the purity of life, through the eyes of childlike wonder, and appreciate it for all it could teach them. The other group wanted only to take life in order to control, manipulate and devour whatever light lived within. These groups had names like “priestesses” and “sorcerers” but truly, the names do not matter as much as the distinct differences living within them. I saw these two groups battling and I looked up at Solandra and she/they said “We were in a war on consciousness, much like you are right now”.

At the time, I knew the gravity of Solandra’s words and more so, I felt them in my soul and they rattled through my bones. There are some aspects of spirit journeys that are symbolic and there are some that are literal. There was no question in my mind that this was literal.

After this spirit journey I made a post on IG and briefly mentioned the phrase “war on consciousness”. At the time I had no desire to try to explain what this phrase means. I knew that those who needed to know would know. But now I feel that we all need to know… or at least, we all need to be presented with the opportunity to know (if we choose to).

There is a war on consciousness happening now. This same war has happened many times before and has taken different shapes/forms. The intention of this share is not to go into all those different times and timelines, but to share a basic explanation. (If you want to share in the comments about other wars on consciousness that you remember or would like to discuss, feel free to share).

Basically, a war on consciousness is a battle where one side wants to promote and support consciousness and its natural, divine expression to expand freely and the other side wants to control it, manipulate it and bend it to its will. The thing with “freedom” is that there is no controlling it. As soon as you begin to imprint your desire/will onto something that is free, it ceases to be.

The war on consciousness that we are currently experiencing will most likely not be seen, heard or felt consciously for most people. Even for the beings that feel much more deeply, those who cultivate an awareness of incredible depths, we may only “see” or “feel” the whole picture in small pieces. So, this is not something you can turn on the TV and see playing out in front of you. This war is something that, for now, can only be felt in the most quiet and vulnerable of moments when you long for something more, something deeper, something true. This war is something that can only be seen as deeply as you are willing to see the ways you are controlled. This war is something that can only be heard as loudly as you are willing to hear your own conditioning and programming as it comes out of your mouths.

Soon, we will see more and more. Those of you who have been working on de-conditioning yourselves, questioning your programming, expanding your “reality”, you will most likely be able to feel what I am talking about. Regardless of all the different stories that you hear, something FEELS different. Something new is afoot. Something is changing. Something is happening now. Get out of your heads and into your body. The way the hairs on your arms stand straight. The way that your stomach speaks to you. The way that your heart flutters. Your body is communicating with you in these times of uncertainty. The uncertainty is perfect and so are you, whatever your experience is at this time.

Now is the time to ask yourself what it is you desire from this one life. What are your passions? Do you feel any sense of purpose for your life? Are you living those passions and purpose? Do you want something different for your life? If you could walk out the door of your home and begin anew, as yourself in truest form, what would that look like? What do you value most?

Love. Compassion. Kindness. Truth. Joy. Playfulness. Laughter. Community. Experiences. Expansion. Learning. Nature. Ease. Simplicity. Healing. Health. Freedom.

Don’t worry about how to make all of this come true. Just let your heart run wild for a moment and then rest. Sleep well, move your body (especially when dealing with intense emotions), eat the foods that make you feel light and alive, day dream, laugh and love as much as possible- this is how you can help create the world we want to hand off to our children and the next seven generations. If you feel too tired, too stressed, too weak or too vulnerable to show up in any of these ways, just breathe and the rest of us will carry your weight for you.

If you are someone who is aware of the shifts happening now, you may already know how to best show up for yourself and for the collective. If so, wonderful! If not, find your center...find your home… find your source. Whether this is Earth or somewhere else, find your source and plug in. Stay plugged in as long as you can and take breaks when you need to. There is confusion floating around, that you need to be DOing something in order to be helping. NO. You are HERE NOW and that IS enough. Anchor. Anchor your magic by connecting to your Source and let that frequency fucking FLOOOOOW, haha! (I just giggled… can’t pass up a chance to use three f’s and a fuck!)

Let that Frequency Fucking Flow! That is why so many of us are here now. I know it. Do you? If you know this to be true for you, continue reminding yourself that there is nothing to do. No rush. No urgency. Just anchor and let your frequency flow. This vibration you emit, this healing, these “good vibes” are enough and will get exactly where they need to go. Just be.

I am so excited to be here now.

Ok, that feels like enough for today. If you need someone to talk to I am here. If you want to pay for a reading, I am here. If you want to discuss other elements of this topic in the comments section, I am here.

I hope you have a miraculous day.

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