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My interest in flower and gem essences came about as a natural product of my growing relationship with the plant and mineral kingdom. When I moved to southwestern Colorado, on my partner's family land, I gained access to a small greenhouse. The first summer I had access to the greenhouse I grew A LOT just to see what would work and what wouldn't. I tried melons, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, carrots, basil and many more. One of the plants I grew from seed was Datura Inoxia. The only way I can explain my relationship with this plant is that we have been together before... many times. Similar to the feeling of deja vu, I knew my hands had caressed the leaves far longer than the name had been on my tongue. I fell in love with those seedlings the moment they sprouted. There are many ways to work with Datura, but this plant IS poisonous and can result in death when ingested. At the time I had minimal experience with flower essences but I knew creating an essence was a safe and respectful approach for deepening my relationship with Datura, so I started learning.

One resource I already had at home was the book Gem Elixirs And Vibrational Healing, Vol. 1 by GURUDAS. This book is a channeled text that focuses mainly on gem essences but includes some information on flower essences as well. My reading, researching and intuition all pointed in the same direction- flower and gem essences are subtle yet profound "medicine" that work on the body's vibrational fields which result in a direct impact on the physical, mental and emotional self. Let's break it down further for those who are not familiar with the vibrational fields of the body. Our entire body is "vibrational", however some of those vibrations are more dense than others. Examples of this are our physical body, emotional body, mental body and then energetic bodies. Most medicine focuses on directly impacting our physical body in order to make us better. If you are familiar with pharmaceuticals, you will know that even if your medicine makes you feel better, it usually comes with side effects and potential problems that may eventually require more pharmaceuticals. So far, this is where "modern" or "mainstream" medicine has progressed. But there is another way. Slowly, but surely, modern medicine is learning that when we address mental and emotional issues, we can resolve many physical ailments. In other words, when we address our non-physical aspects, we can impact the health of our physical aspect. This is how flower & gem essences work. The energetic personality/signature of the plant & gem being worked with is imprinted into the carrier water, and when taken internally, this "personality" or signature communicates with YOUR waters and the essence of who you are. Flower & gem essences directly resonate with our vibrational bodies and have a trickle down impact all the way to our physical body. Essences are best put to work on the root issues of whatever ails you. Some people might consider this homeopathic medicine, but essences do not contain physical constituents of the plant or mineral being worked with as homeopathic medicine does. For this reason, flower essences are a wonderful way of working with plants that are part of the poison path. You could also grow your own poison path plants if you have the ability, access and knowledge to. Flower & gem essences are all about relationship. We can work with the plant and mineral kingdom by ingesting them as well as not ingesting them. There are many ways to form strong bonds and respectful relationships. Now I will share my approach to creating the flower & gem essences I sell here on my website. First and foremost, whenever possible, I will grow my own plants from seed. The relationship created between myself and the plant feels much stronger when I contribute to its life and well being. I have created a few essences from wild native plants that live on my partner's property and I take them offerings when I work with them. The tools I use- Crystal bowl Clean water Bonding quartz crystal Flower or Gem/Mineral The source plant Quality brandy Bottles Process- I pick which essence I will be making based on my relationship with the plant or gem. Sometimes it is a single flower or gem, sometimes it is a combination. The combinations of plant and mineral are always divinely inspired. Almost every time I don't know why they are paired until I communicate with the completed essence later on.

I make sure that the plant is in a healthy and abundant state and will only take one to three flowers based on what feels right in that moment. It is the flowers specifically that I prefer to make essences with due to the life force they contain. The flowers are the highest expression of the plant's desire to ensure the continuance of its species. I place the bonding quartz at the base of the plant so they can begin their communication and information transference. As far as I know, a bonding crystal is not a common part of the process. When I purchased my bonding crystal and took it home, it immediately told me what work it wanted to do and this is the only project I use it for. The bonding crystal communicates between the plant, mineral and water energies. In my experience this creates a stronger and longer lasting essence. When this bonding crystal isn't working, it sits in my kitchen window and enjoys the view.

After placing clean water in the crystal bowl and allowing time for the bonding quartz to connect with the plant, I will make my offering and place the bonding quartz, the flower tops, and the gem (if I am using one) inside the bowl at the base of the plant. I almost always make essences between the hours of 10 and 3 when the sun is rising and at its brightest. On rare occasions I will make an essence in the light of a full moon. I leave the essence to create for three hours before retrieving it. When I retrieve the essence, I give more thanks to the plant and minerals and bring the essence home to finalize. After removing the minerals and plant material, I filter the water through a compostable tea bag (unbleached) and I now have my "Mother Essence". The Mother Essence is the water containing the energetic signatures or personalities of the items I worked with. I then add the same volume of apple brandy to my Mother Essence as a preservative. The apple brandy I use has a really beautiful energy to it and is fairly local, which is a plus. I bottle my Mother Essences in Infinity Jars (dropper bottles). Although they are expensive, I use Infinity Jars to prevent light exposure so that my essences stay high quality for as long as possible. The essences stay within the Infinity Jars until an order is placed, at which time I will transfer anywhere between three and eleven drops of the Mother Essence, clean water and apple brandy into a one ounce (or half ounce) amber dropper bottle to then be shipped out to you!

I stay very busy during the summer months collecting flower & gem essences so that I have medicine for myself and for you all during the winter and spring months! As I said earlier, flower & gem essences are best put to work on whatever ails you. If you have the personal awareness to know what the root cause is of your headaches, or your continual illness, or your depression, or your anxiety, etc. then you can simply read the qualities of each essence and choose which will be best for you. If you are not aware of the root cause of your dis-ease, you can either focus on figuring it out or you are welcome to reach out to me and we can do a session on it. Sessions suggested would be the Divination or Psychic Distance Healing. The Divination session comes with a half ounce essence included based on your reading. The way I prefer to take essences is by working with one at a time (for at least one week, preferably a month or longer). I will sit with the essence in my hands, close my eyes, and focus on my intention. I usually form the intention into an affirmation that is associated with the qualities of the essence. Once I am feeling the affirmation in my body, I will place three to seven drops on my tongue and let the drops connect with my body as my mind connects more deeply with the affirmation. This process can be repeated as needed up to several times a day. If you have any questions about a particular essence, please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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