Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

I want to start by saying I Love You. I know the times we are living in are at times exciting, overwhelming, confusing, inspiring, disappointing, and all the other experiences and feelings. Please know that you are not alone in this experience and it is not your job to manage it all alone. You may find it helpful to ask yourself "what am I capable of right now?" It is OK to admit if you are having a hard time just waking up in the morning. It is OK to admit if you are having a hard time just taking care of yourself, much less anyone else. If you can identify what you ARE capable of and give yourself permission to focus there, there is a better chance of you feeling supported and safe. You are responsible for yourself- your words, your actions, etc. If you are having a hard time wrapping your head around all your feelings and thoughts, try sharing with someone who can create a safe space for you. Social media is not necessarily a "safe space" right now. A lot of people who are scared and confused are lashing out at anyone who makes them feel uncomfortable or challenges their beliefs. This is important... it is not your responsibility to challenge someone's beliefs unless they ask for it. However, it is vital that we challenge any ONE socially accepted narrative. There are ways to compassionately and respectfully communicate with your friends and family (strangers may not be the best audience for this type of dialogue) with the intention of expanding the narratives we are willing to consider. To be honest, this is one of the most challenging and potentially disruptive things you can do. To have the capacity to entertain multiple stories or narratives and sit with them, without trying to determine or control any of them, is a superhuman power. There is a chance that many people in your life will not look at you the same if/when you break the glass ceiling of mental capacities. Humans are not designed to live in only one story. If that were the case we would ALL be EXACTLY IDENTICAL. If we were all the same exact person with the same exact life with the same exact body with the same exact mind with the same exact... (you get the point)... then we could all operate from ONE narrative, ONE "truth". But we aren't and we never will be. The human spirit is too brilliant to ever comfortably fit in such limitations. You know this and you feel this. Move out of your head and into your body. FEEL what is going on right now for you. Don't think about what is going on... feel it. Stop trying to control it... feel it. For many of you, feeling will be too much. When feeling is too much, people lash out, people shut down, people numb. If you have found yourself lashing out, shutting down, or numbing, please know that it is MORE than OK for you to do whatever you need in order to take care of yourself. I want you to consider something for a moment. If everyone was truly happy, healthy and free being told to stay at home for the past almost two months, do you think we would be seeing so much hatred, lashing out, vitriol, suicide, domestic abuse, mental/emotional abuse, gaslighting, etc? Or is that behavior exhibited by humans who feel caged with no other options? Not looking for an answer... just hoping to inspire a moment of pause to consider. It doesn't FEEL good or "right" to be followed, harassed for leaving our homes, handled or punished for enjoying nature and the sun. So... ask yourself- Why are we allowing this? What type of horrific event would validate such health and life threatening measures? What type of "end of the world" event would validate mandating masks, global vaccination, required daily temperature taking, door to door blood taking, and overall fear mongering? What type of medical nightmare would demand that we give up our human rights and our sovereignty to save the population while "essential" workers continue to go to work day after day, vastly unaffected? I don't want you to think like me. I want you to think for yourself. I want you to gently, lovingly, and forgivingly ask yourself the tough questions. If you don't feel mentally and emotionally capable of asking yourself these questions, and you need help, reach out to someone that you know can create that space for you. If you are someone who can hold the possibility of multiple stories and narratives, be gentle when engaging with people, whenever possible. Not everyone was waiting at the front of the line to BE HERE NOW. Remember that our journeys are all different and there IS a way to maintain the highest well being for humanity and still disagree with each other. Finally, as someone who was waiting at the front of the line to BE HERE NOW, I do love you very much or I wouldn't be here. I believe in your potential to expand. I believe in your potential to overcome your fears. I believe in your potential to love with all of your being and let that love guide your life. If for your mental health you feel the need to unfollow me or block me, please do so. You won't be the first or the last. This doesn't change my love for you or the work I am here to do. My reason for being on this planet, at this time, is bigger than Facebook, bigger than disagreements, bigger than personal attacks, it is bigger... so... please take care of yourself, cultivate kindness and ask yourself the hard questions. I love you.

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