"I received a bone reading without any questions asked. The insight I gained was uncanny. The reading exposed family issues that would be unknown to anyone besides a sibling. I found thoughtful guidance. I will be returning for more readings. I purchased the three questions for my brother as a gift. Thank you."-L.T. "I have been working with Stephanie for a little over 5 years and it’s been absolutely transformational. The depth, actionability and (crazy!!) specificity of her readings is at a level I’ve never experienced with any other healer or healing modality. I also love that the readings are in a recording so I can revisit them- they are always so rich with information that it often takes many listens to really get it “all.” So grateful for this witch and her gift. 🖤"-C.F. "I have been working with Stephanie for years. She is thoughtful and detailed in all of her readings. I keep them saved and have returned to them many times if I feel I need to listen again. I will continue to work with her and always look forward to hearing her familiar voice. She is the best!"-H.H. "Thank you athena for the bone divination reading. Amazing. The reading was so right on. Called me out on my own shit. Thank you. So much."-P.M. "Steph is an amazing woman in every way and I'm so thankful to call her a friend ❤ My bone reading was very interesting and informative!! I've been lucky enough to work with her in the past for a physic reading which loved too. It's nice to be able to listen to her recorded messages more than once to really mentally digest all the information. I'd recommend her to anyone❤"-E.W. "This energy work by Stephanie offers an authentic insight into the energies working within your systems. I have been fortunate to work with her several times over a period of time that has allowed me to witness her fruition and inspired my own. Each reading has offered me a deeper awareness of personal patterns and the opportunity to evolve. Stephanie deeply integrates her intuition and gift to offer healing. I am grateful for her dedication to her craft and her willingness to share. 10/10!!"-O.C. "My reading was amazingly accurate and eyeopening, a great experience! Will definitely continue this healing practice!"-J.B. "Stephanie is incredible. Her healing sessions have been so helpful and enlightening. She is able to target specific areas and always provides guidance. I am so grateful for her gift and her work."-SatoriMindandBody "EMPOWERING MAGIC WOMAN-Receive powerful messages from your spirit guides. Clean, grounded and always empowering. Can not find enough stars for her review. 5? more like 5 billion. One of my absolute favorite tools in my spirit tool box. She does the work herself, you can feel it. Came in with this gift and is not afraid to use it."-C.N. "I received my Psychic Healing/ Counsel a few weeks ago. Stephanie is POWERFUL and LOVING as she reveals what needs healing and does so with tender loving care. My reading was done in the morning (GMT time) I did not listen to my recorded healing until later in the evening (ET time). BEFORE I knew she had been working on my body and spirit, my husband and I had a crisis. His son was in a bad car accident. This happened about the time I was being healed although I was not consciously aware. I would have normally panicked and been stressed instead I was unusually calm and able to be at peace through the crisis. I was aware of a protective energy around me, however, I did wonder if I was in a bit of shock. Later, when I listened to Stephanie's message I understood what she had done for me! She is a gift to us all!"-L.T. "Impromptu reading that provided great insight into a current dilemma! Thank you!"-J.B. "My first bone reading and I LOVED it! The reading was surprisingly accurate, down to things that literally started a couple weeks ago and the advice made complete sense to me. Cant wait for my next reading, will definitely be back :)"-C.H. "I was not surprised what so ever from my reading. I somehow already knew you were meant to help me on this earth walk and path to healing. I’m thankful to have found you. It was “Bone” chilling how accurate you were with today’s reading!!"-S.P.

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