Updated: Oct 22, 2019

This Gem Essence is a combination of Danburite, Citrine and Rose water. As with all of the essences I create, the combinations come to me intuitively and all I do is listen then create the space! This Gem Essence was created the morning following the first Lunar Eclipse of 2019. QUALITIES: Emotional healing Emotional clarity Enhance understanding and feelings aligned with unconditional love

AFFIRMATIONS: "All harmful energies dissipate and are transmuted into love" "My heart is activated and my energies are divinely aligned" "My intellect is stimulated and my emotions are balanced"

"I am comforted and optimistic" "I solve my problems with ease and grace. Solutions are available through self-love" "I let my light shine" "I am awake"

I suggest taking three drops in a glass of water, three times a day, while holding an affirmation in your mind. You can also whisper your affirmations into the glass of water before drinking. Essence drops can be taken internally as well as externally in the form of body spray, space spray, or added to homemade bath/body products. This essence contains essence water, vegetable glycerin (preservative) and rose water. It is available in a one ounce dropper bottle which can be further diluted and used in any products where you would add water. Flower and gem essences work on the level of consciousness and have a direct impact on the subtle bodies. When we address the subtle bodies first, the healing impact trickles down through ALL aspects of our selves including the physical body. Essences draw us out of the illusion of separation and into the truth of unity, through relationship... relationship with plant, mineral, animal and each other. To purchase this essence, please contact me at

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