A Witch's Worth- Flower Essence 2019

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A WITCH’S WORTH This essence is a blend of Sweet Alyssum, Rhodonite and Hare bone created as a potion to heal the Witch wound, in all directions of time and space. There are so many aspects of Sweet Alyssum that I find perfectly paired with the intentions of this potion. At one time Alyssum was used in the treatment of rabies, hence the name a-lyssum meaning “not enraged”. A Witch wound, when left to fester, can result in rage and anger. However, as the wound is healed, the rage is released so that the channel for magic and miracles can be clear again. Sweet Alyssum has an air of simplicity, sweetness and purity; qualities that have been described as “worth beyond beauty”. These frequencies are carried within this essence and bestowed upon the Witch. When working with and learning from this essence, I suggest contemplating the values of simplicity, sweetness and purity of spirit as they manifest (or do not) in your life. Rhodonite serves this potion by bringing in the calm and courageous heart activation. A Witch wound often leaves us fearful of being seen in our fullness, as well as living in doubt over our worthiness. Rhodonite activates and energizes the heart to help the Witch achieve their greatest potential. Of most benefit to the Witch, Rhodonite stimulates the serving aspects of one's nature and encourages generosity of spirit. Most Witches have an innate connection to either plant, animal, land, human or elemental energies- this is where they love to serve and where they flourish. When harbouring a wound, the Witch may find it difficult to fully open up to those beings they have the deepest love for. This essence will assist the Witch in identifying the fears holding them back while dispelling anxiety and promoting coherence. We finish this potion with the bones of Hare. A somewhat solitary creature, the evolved energies of Hare represent keen awareness, direct dialogue with evolving Earth rhythms, and the blessing of appropriate action. When called upon, Hare may teach you how and when to rely on your innate wisdom as well as when to stay and when to leave. If you allow yourself the patience and time to just BE with Hare, you may begin to hear the new rhythms of this planet and the messages and medicine they carry. Alyssum, Rhodonite & Hare Far too long I have been less than me So here I am now, naked and seen I call forth my essence, a Witch like no other Afraid of none, I stand in my power If I should forget, whisper to me The magic in these bones was meant to flow free... "Essences draw us away from the illusion of separation and towards the truth of unity- unity through relationship with plant, mineral, animal and each other"

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