HEDGEWITCH- Flower Essence 2019

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

HEDGE WITCH This essence is a blend of Datura Inoxia, Pietersite and Raven bone created as a potion to aid the Hedge Witch. Datura is a poisonous plant, also sometimes known as a witch’s herb, that I grew from seed for the last two years. The first year I was blessed with 3 plants, this year 8, haha. Datura is most associated with flying ointments and shamanic initiations in specific cultures. As an entheogen, Datura contains substances that are labeled psychoactive. For this reason, I find Datura most helpful and effective as a flower essence, where we do not need to worry about ingesting or absorbing her harsher properties. As a flower essence, we still get all of the energetic profile that Datura has to offer. She can aid the Hedge Witch in flight, whether you are in ritual, ceremony, meditation or spell work; whenever your intention is soul flight there is no more adept ally to fly with. She can illuminate all aspects of yourself, whether you seek strengths or weaknesses, light or dark, her energy thrives in the solar and lunar energies. She carries the energy of total embodiment and worthiness, and she carries it well. Her massive night time, sweet smelling blooms lure you in to witness her fullness, yet her spiked other-worldy seed pods warn you to give her some space. She can teach you to embody the same wholeness, worthiness and self-respect. As Datura blends with Pietersite, a mineral that stimulates the pineal gland, the witch’s flight is enhanced. While aligning the energetic centers of the body to the etheric body, making astral travel more efficient, Pietersite can enhance visions and precognitive thoughts. Also, right in alignment with Datura’s lessons of worthiness and self-respect, Pietersite encourages loyalty to the self and the experience of life. This trio reaches completion with the addition of Raven bone. Set up as a magical barrier around the essence bowl, the bones carry the spirit of Raven into the essence where you can work on an intimate level with this ally. A messenger of magic and shape shifting. A keeper of hidden wisdom. A traveler through the seen and unseen. Raven is respected by the light of the day and travels through shadows by night. As the relationship is tended, this creature will be one who stays by your side for life. Datura, Pietersite, Raven Tend to my body and safe it will be fly by my soul, wild and free Whether coming or going crossing or jumping This Hexe (Witch) I be! And may I always return to me… "Essences draw us away from the illusion of separation and toward the truth of unity- unity through relationship with plant, mineral, animal and each other"

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