PSYCHIC SESSIONS #2: When will I get pregnant?

In the past week I have done approximately 10 readings on the question of “when will I get pregnant?!” Seeing this repetitive theme of “effort” and “struggle” around pregnancy, I knew this needed to be my next Psychic Sessions share.

Pregnancy (from what I have observed through the experience of others, from what my psychic connection has taught me, and from what I call in for my own eventual pregnancy) is a time and space that holds unlimited potential and possibility within the realm of divine feminine energies, intention and manifestation. However, there are so many strong women spending their energy on forcing something to happen, rather than preparing and allowing it to happen or not happen.

There is a lot that goes into the process of matching souls with soul families so for the purpose of this share, I am going to keep it simple and stick to the preparation process. Creating a vessel to hold this new energy in, is one of the most important steps in the process. Would you want to leave your sweet spot in the sky to come down to a rickety ol’ shack filled with chaos, stress, anxiety and struggle? Ummmmm... I wouldn’t! Haha.

When it comes to getting pregnant, I witness women stressing themselves out completely- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strain. Wouldn’t it be a much more compassionate and intentional process to instead focus on the question "Am I the most gentle, loving, nurturing, and receptive vessel I can be in this moment?" -that covers everything that matters most. The house you are about to carry, grow and feed your baby from for the next year (plus) needs to be the focus of all your love... not the idea of a baby that hasn’t even come to form.

(Isn’t this the way of humans though? Focusing outside of the Self in an effort to love the Self more. Food for thought. A topic for another day)

This may sound counter-intuitive to some, to focus on your self when you want to attract someone else into your life, but if you are aligned completely (with the grace, the nurturing, the receptivity) there will be no need to force or struggle with pregnancy. In a space of receptivity, you know and understand that all which comes to you is meant for you and all which doesn’t is meant too.

You will always be in a space of readiness when you are aligned with your feminine energies. This is the only aspiration you need at this time. Sort all that out for yourself and you will be a Grade A home that any soul would love to land in!

Here are a few suggestions to start the intentional process of pregnancy preparation:

1. Clear out the mental clutter- start identifying any fears, worries or concerns you have around conceiving, being pregnant, childbirth, or raising a child. Fears for the future waste the energies you have available in the present. Trust that when a challenge arises in the future, you will be capable of handling it in that moment

2. Emotional bolstering- create a visualization practice or guided meditation for yourself that you can do as often as needed. This practice should involve cultivating the feelings and emotions that you want to call your baby in with. For example, feelings of joy and the sound of laughter; feelings of peace and the sound of a gentle stream; feelings of alignment and the sound of birds at sunrise. By attaching a sound to these feelings, you create an association pathway that allows you to access these feelings more easily if you begin to feel stressed or anxious. I encourage you to be creative with your feelings... Imagine yourself as your absolute best and brightest and channel that version of you in to your present moment

3. Physical support- the food you feed your body and the movement you gift your body is a much needed form of support during this time. It can be confusing if you are looking to others to tell you how to eat or what kind of exercise is OK. Practice listening to your body. The art of hearing what your body is truly saying can take a lifetime to perfect, so start now. Keep a journal where you can jot down any desires or cravings and watch how your body changes from day to day. You are calling LIFE into your body, so feed your body with nutrient dense, living foods and move your body in inspiring ways on a daily basis.

4. Spiritual Alignment- this may be the easiest suggestion of all, or may be the hardest depending on your beliefs about yourself and your experience. The suggestion is to practice allowance and alignment. Allowance is the practice and understanding that what comes to you, comes to you and what doesn’t, doesn’t. There is no need to struggle and stress when you are nestled in a deep understanding of the truth of who you are- which is LOVE. Alignment is the practice of aligning with the energies of what you want to attract into your experience. The ultimate balance of receptivity and creativity is understanding that you are in co-creation with ALL of creation. Receptivity and creativity, on a spiritual level, are the energies at play when conceiving a child.

If you can’t conceive, for whatever reason, this does NOT mean that you are doing something wrong. There are many ways to create and receive in the human experience and regardless of whether or not you want to be pregnant or can be pregnant, the practice of allowance and alignment will bring many gifts into your life.

If reading this has you in “not enough” self-talk, remember:

*Not everyone will create such a space for their pregnancy- some pregnancies are a complete surprise and you may not have time to prepare in the ways mentioned above. Start whenever you can, wherever you are in the process

*You don’t have to experience pregnancy to work with these energies. Whether you are able to have children or not, women and men alike can work with the energies of the divine feminine

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