Reclaiming "PSYCHIC"

For a long time I would not use the word "psychic" to describe myself. I did not like what it had become... No... I did not like what humans had turned it into. "Psychic" as a word did not change. Humans changed the use and interpretation of the word.

The word "psychic" comes from the greek word "psykhikos" meaning "of the soul, spirit or mind" meaning the opposite of the physical- the non physical.

Somewhere along the way, "psychic" became a parlor trick and at times a scam to prey on easily impressionable people... the vulnerable.

Here we are, modern times, and there are still many impressionable humans grasping for some sense of comfort, safety and a semblance of "happy". Enter the "psychics".

By the OLD definition, a psychic would be a shaman of the most profound level- an individual who KNOWS the spirit, the soul and the mind- an individual who KNOWS the non physical intimately- an individual with the capability of being a profound healer.

But many current day "psychics" are not this. And because many current day "psychics" do not know the soul, the people searching for answers have adapted to this lower level of awareness and accountability and responsibility. This lower level is reflected in the questions being asked of psychics. Questions implying that a person's future is set in stone and there is nothing they can do about it... and these psychics answer the question anyway... even if the psychic is uncomfortable with the question... they answer it.

Who does this help? Not the psychic and not the seeker.

I am reclaiming the word PSYCHIC as one who knows the soul and sees beyond the physical. I will not play parlor tricks and I will not take your money from you just because I can. I will not allow you to dis-empower yourself when I work with you. I will empower you to take responsibility for you life AND YOUR FUTURE. I will empower you to be aware of YOUR OWN problems and teach you how to heal yourself so that you do not need me or any other "psychic" to give you "the answers".

I am reclaiming PSYCHIC and I challenge other "psychics" to hold themselves to a higher level of accountability and responsibility.

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