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One of a kind altar pieces.  

These adornments are made from deer bone.  Gentle, guiding and wise, deer medicine will light the way.  These bone candle holders are multi-functional as you can see in the photos. 

The Petition Stacker has spaces to write out your spells, prayers or petitions and slip them between the vertebrae as the candle burns (or without a candle, with offering herbs in the candle spot instead).  

The Offering Bowl has a small bowl in front of the candle, naturally occuring, where you can make offerings aligned with whatever magical or intentional working you are doing.

As new peices are finished, I will upload photos.   

The Single Spell holders are ideal for burning a small spell candle once you have marked and dressed your candle.  

Every piece has a sigil marked on the bone prior to coating it.  When you purchase your candle holder, I will include the sigil as well as the statement it represents.  

Please keep in mind that these unique pieces are made from bone.  They all stand alone as seen in the photos, but as bone does, they have uneven surfaces and should be monitored anytime you are burning a candle with them.  

These pieces do not come with a candle.  I suggest you find the perfect fitting candle for your needs once you have purchased your altar adornment.  

If you have questions prior to purchase, please feel free to email me at

Altar Adornments