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The Spirit Candle collection is created as a ritual tool to amplify your personal intentions, aid your magical workings or hold space during your ceremonies.  

SNAKE-  The Snake candle is an intentional tool to aid you in "shedding skins" that no longer serve your well-being, best interests and/or fullest embodiment.  Before lighting, I suggest writing, on a small piece of paper, what skins you are working to shed and then burn it over the first flame of your candle.  If your intentions change along the way, repeat this step.  
Snake bones, sweetgrass, mastery oil and tangerine essential oil are among the intentional ingredients that make up this altar candle.  

SKUNK- The Skunk candle is an intentional tool to aid you in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.  It is obvious to all in the animal kingdom that Skunk has boundaries and you better respect them!  I suggest writing out the boundaries you want to establish for yourself, in support of yourself, and then burning the list over the flame of your Skunk candle.  Let the Skunk spirit guide you to a deeper embodiment of self-love. 

As new candles are created they will be uploaded into the options drop down for you to select from. 

Custom candles are always available and you are welcome to email me at to discuss what qualities you would like in a custom candle, prior to purchase.

Hand poured, small batch, soy wax, unscented candle with hemp/beeswax wick.  Candles are dressed with oils and there may be a very soft natural scent associated depending on the ingredients used in each candle. 

6 ounce glass jars are re-purposed and shipping materials are biodegradable/recyclable.

Spirit Candles

Animal Wisdom Candle