Flower & Gem essences are incredible creations that hold the wisdom and teaching imprints of the flower or gem being worked with.  These creations connect with us on the level of consciousness and they assist in bringing us out of our illusions of separateness and into the truth of unity.  Through the relationship with plant and mineral, your awareness and knowingess of truth, unity and unconditional love will flourish.  

You can read more in depth information about essences on the BLOG portion of this website. 

Citrine, Danburite & Rose- this gem essence works on the level of the emotional body in unison with the heart space.  As an emotional healer, this essence is ideal for individuals who are working on understanding their emotional self or healing an emotional wound.  This essence is also ideal for individuals who work in very emotional settings as it will aid you in remaining in your body with an open heart.

Mariposa Lily & Moonstone- this flower and gem combo is wonderful for mothers as well as any individual doing the great "Mother Wound" work.  We all come from woman... not one person on this planet is motherless, therefore we all have potential to explore our mother wounds as well as the mother within.  So very needed on this planet now, this essence will assist you in this deep work.  

Prickly Pear Cactus & Ruby- this flower and gem combo is a powerful ally when it comes to the topic of "worthiness".  This essence will assist you as you reclaim your sovereignty and will help teach you how to feel safe while embodying your highest and truest expression of Self and Source. 

Strawberry Flower & Fluorite- "Introvert's Ally", Inspired by people who have a hard time people-ing!! Many highly sensitive individuals have a hard time being in public spaces or large groups and can tend to percieve these situations as chaos.  If you are someone who has a hard time in these situations, this essence can help ground you, keep your energy field clean and strong, as well as open you to the sweetness possible within connectedness and relationships.  The sigil on the front label has an affirmation connected with it which will come with your purchase.  

Rose & Green Kyanite- An ode to the Crone archetype.  This essence embodies what it means to not only stand in your power, show up for yourself, and speak your truth, but to do so from a deep well of abundance internally and externally. The Crone knows that everything she needs can be found and she is always provided for.  She lives in this knowing, breathes from this knowing and she is aligned with her own truth. 

A Witch's Worth- Read the full description HERE

Hedgewitch- Read the full description HERE

Note- These essences are made stronger than typical "stock bottles" are made.  I chose to make these essences stronger so that you can take the bottle and make other applications with them.  There is enough in this bottle for you to further dilute it into a spray as well as a third application of your choice (homemade salve, lotions, room spray, body spray, etc).  You are welcome to take them as is, but many people who have purchased these essences enjoy creating other items from them as well.  

There is no physical constituent of the plant or mineral in the essence which makes essences one of the safest and beneficial ways to work with plants that you would typically not be able to ingest.  

Flower & Gem Essences

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