The Intuitive Counsel session is a 60 minute phone or video call (your choice) that is beneficial for digging into the nitty gritty of a situation.  This is not an "overall" or "general" type session.  I suggest (if you are new with me) starting with the Psychic Distance Healing session and then moving to the Intuitive Counsel session when you have a very specific topic or situation that needs to be broken down and discussed.  

The Intuitive Counsel session does include remote healing, as I scan your energy field in order to address the topics we are discussing, distance energy work is included. 

The Inuitive Counsel session is most benefical for those clients who have been working with me in their overall healing, and they need to discuss a specific topic on a deeper level.  If you find a reocurring lesson or theme or event or person that continues showing up in your life and it feels like you just aren't getting the message, this is the ideal session for you. 

If you have any questions related to this session prior to purchase, email me at 


Intuitive Council

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