The Intuitive Guidance Sessions were born out of my desire to work more directly and specifically with my clients and their areas of focus. Opposed to the readings where I read, then you direct your own "homework" and "progress", with the counseling sessions I will provide much of the direction, homework, and practical applications needed to navigate the issues, challenges, or topics you are wanting to address/heal in your life.If you find yourself seeking something or wanting a shift to occur in your life, but the approaches you are taking so far don't seem to be getting you there, I encourage you to give these sessions a try.These sessions are ideal for those individuals who are working through social programming, indoctrination, social conditioning, personal development, spiritual experiences and anything else your beautiful mind wants to navigate!The Intuitive Guidance Sessions are a 60 minute phone call once per week for a minimum of one month, purchased one month at a time. So far everyone I have worked with has chosen to continue their calls beyond the first month.
I am keeping the availability of these sessions limited so that I can ensure my focus and dedication to each individual I am working with. If you have been receiving distance readings with me, and enjoyed them, I guarantee you will LOVE the richness and depths we can reach with these calls!Contact me before booking to make sure I have open spots available!The price of this service reflects the cost of your first month of sessions. If you have any questions related to this session prior to purchase, email me at

Intuitive Guidance Sessions