*When you "purchase" this service, you are submitting your deposit to begin the scheduling process for a Primal Woman Retreat with Stephanie (@AForceOfNatureWitch) & Ashley (@risingvsteam). 
This deposit is non-refundable.
If you have any questions about the final price for your retreat day/weekend, please directly email Stephanie at AForceOfNatureWitch@gmail.com prior to submitting your deposit. 

-An intentional space created to support, nurture, unwind, unravel and disrobe the stories, labels and burdens you carry within 
-A space to remove yourself from expectations and responsibilities so you can simply be as you are and bring what needs to be seen, accepted and healed 
-A space to gather with kindred souls or to arrive alone and be held

The Primal Woman Retreats are an offering of womb healing on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level combined with bone readings to attune and align you with your unique soul's journey. 

The services available for these retreats are yoni steaming consultations with steam plans, therapeutic massage, guided meditations/journeys, aura cleansing and attunements, Hearth & Home attunements, bone readings and full body intuitive healing. 

The total price for your retreat depends on what services you are interested in receiving, how many people will be joining in the retreat, as well as travel costs.  As of this time, all retreats are being held in your personal home space so please keep this in mind when considering the options available to you.  

Before submitting the deposit for your retreat, please email us directly to discuss the retreat offerings you would like to receive so we can give you a final price.  


Primal Woman Retreats -DEPOSIT

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