The Psychic Healing session is a 60 to 70 minute long session that is focused on energetic bodywork and healing.  In this session, I will be moving intuitively through your energetic bodies and energetic centers looking for the resistance (sometimes referred to as "blocks"), the opportunities, the clarity, the guidance for your path ahead, and overall allowing Spirit to speak through me and move through me, to you, as it pertains to your highest well-being, personal growth and fullest expression of divinity.

This session, like all my psychic sessions, can be successfully done no matter where in the world you live.  You don't need to tell me anything about yourself prior to the session, unless you want to.  

To facilitate the session, I will go into my own meditative state and connect with your whole body on an energetic level.  From here, I can read to you the information I am seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing.  

The most beneficial aspect of this session is the fact it is recorded.  This allows you to be in a relaxed state the duration of the session and NOT be in your head like you would if I were reading you while on the phone with you.  In addition, the recording allows you to pause, stop, and replay as you desire.  You should download your recording to your device as soon as you receive it, so that you will have it to access as long as you need. 

This truly is a session that keeps giving over time.  

If you have any questions about this session, prior to purchase, email me at 

Psychic Healing