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The Witch's Familiar Candle collection are created as a ritual tool to amplify your personal intentions, aid your magical workings or hold space during your ceremonies.  

Each Witch's Familiar Candle contains a minimum of five layers that consist of herbs, oils and items that relate to the familiar.  Please feel free to make offerings to your candle and add any items that you feel necessary. 

Among the multiple layers there are two layers of protection herbs, one for your familiar and one for you.  There is also a pact bonding blend to bind the two of you during your workings.  For the best bond you should add an item related to you (hair, nail clipping, blood, etc.) which will solidify the pact. 

DO NOT leave candles unattended as there may be herbs close to the flame.


As new candles are created they will be uploaded into the options drop down for you to select from.  


The Witch's Familiar candles are made to order so allow up to one week creation time. 


Custom candles are always available and you are welcome to email me at to discuss what qualities you would like in a custom candle, prior to purchase.


Hand poured, small batch, soy wax, unscented candle with hemp/beeswax wick.


6 ounce glass jars are re-purposed and shipping materials are biodegradable/recyclable.

Witch's Familiar Candles